Medicare Revalidation Deadlines Coming Soon

If you participate in Medicare Part B, you must complete a CMS revalidation application every 5 years.

Not sure if you have to revalidate now? Use the Medicare Revalidation Look Up Tool to find if and when your revalidation is needed. It’s easy (and fast). Just enter your name and/or NPI, plus your state, then hit “search.”

See “TBD” in your file?
You don’t need to revalidate at this time.

See a date?
You need to revalidate

How do I revalidate?
The most efficient way to submit your revalidation application is by using the CMS Internet-based PECOS system. PECOS allows you to review information currently on file, update and submit your revalidation electronically.
  • Electronically sign the revalidation application; or
  • Print, sign, date and mail the paper certification statement to your MAC through the Internet based PECOS system submission or
  • Submit appropriate CMS 855 application.
Revalidation isn’t just for physicians! Be sure to check revalidation status for PAs, APRNs and other non-physician providers in your practice.

For more information, visit: enrollment.


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