Bylaws Committee

The CSMS Bylaws Committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the CSMS Bylaws. The Committee is tasked with reviewing the Bylaws for clarity, reviewing and implementing recommended amendments from the CSMS House of Delegates (HOD), and offering annual amendments to the Bylaws to the CSMS HOD.

Committee Members

Jeffrey Gordon, MD (2017-2020) Chair

Claudia Gruss, MD (2017-2020)

David J. Hass, MD (2017-2020)

Brian Keyes, MD (2016-2019)

Michael M. Krinsky, MD (2016-2019)

Michael McNamee, MD (2015-2018)

Robert Russo, MD (to complete term 2017-2019)

Steven C. Thornquist, MD (2015-2018)

Donald Timmerman, MD (2015-2018)

 3 Council Members and 6 At-Large Members – chosen by CSMS House of Delegates

CSMS Staff Liaison

Layne Gakos, JD

Updated May 2017


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