Connecticut Medicine Editorial Committee

Connecticut Medicine is the peer-reviewed scientific journal of the Connecticut State Medical Society.  For information on submitting a scientific article to Connecticut Medicine, please visit our Information for Authors page.

Committee Chair

David Shapiro, MD

Committee Members

Charles L. Castiglione, MD

Philip R. Corvo, MD

Francis J. DiMario, MD

James E. Dougherty, MD

Martin Duke, MD

Marc D. Eisen, MD, PhD

Myron Genel, MD

Isaac Goodrich, MD

Robert D. Greenberg, MD

Robert M. Greenstein, MD

William A. Handelman, MD

Jonathan D. Katz, MD

Denise M. Kearney, MD

George A. Kuchel, MD

Frank W. Maletz, MD

Harold Moskowitz, MD

Rocco Orlando, III, MD

David W. Parke, MD

Adam E. Perrin, MD

John F. Rodis, MD

Robert T. Schoen, MD

Robert K. Shapter, MD

Myer B. Shimelman, MD

Vijay K. Sikand, MD

Andrea L. Silber, MD

Edward J. Volpintesta, MD

CSMS Staff Liaison

Patrice Dumond



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