The CSMS-IPA is the only statewide IPA in Connecticut, and one of the nation’s largest. With approximately 7,000 physician members, the CSMS-IPA is growing and breaking ground every day in new pathways for better care and better patient outcomes.

CSMS-IPA Board of Directors

David Thompson, Jr., MD, President*

Steven J. Salzer, MD, Vice President*

Rozann Venti, MD, Secretary*

Robert Lehman, MD, Treasurer

Lucia Benzoni, MD

Thomas M. Blum, MD

Peter B. Brown, MD*

Michael P. Connair, MD*

Michael M. Deren, MD

William A. Handelman,MD*

Alfred Herzog, MD

Michael Honor, MD

Frank Luzzi, MD

Ellen Marmer, MD

Yvette Martas, MD

Frank Mongillo, MD

Joseph Pruner, MD

Terry F. Reardon, MD

Frank S. Sammarco, MD*

Charles A. Shooks, MD

Gerald L. Schwartz, MD

Donald Timmerman, MD

Benjamin Weisman, MD

Linda Werner, MD

*Nominated by CSMS

CSMS Ex Officio Directors

Steven Thornquist, MD – CSMS President

Claudia Gruss, MD – CSMS President-Elect

Bollepalli Subbarao, MD – CSMS Vice President

CSMS Staff Liaison

Matthew Katz



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