Disaster Preparedness Committee

The mission of the CSMS Disaster Preparedness Committee is to enhance the preparedness and resilience of Connecticut physicians in order to better serve our patients, our communities, and the health of Connecticut.

The Committee works in collaboration with public health agencies and other national and local disaster management experts in developing and implementing mitigation and response plans for the physician community. The Committee works to support the capacity of healthcare systems and individual physicians to prevent, prepare for, detect, respond to and recover from the public health consequences of man-made or natural disasters, and other health emergencies. Click to view CSMS Preparedness Resources.

Committee Chair

Joseph H. McIsaac, III, MD, MS, MBA

Committee Members

Michael L. Carius, MD

Mark X. Cicero, MD

Peter R. Cimino, MD

Paul Fortgang, MD

Shaukat A. Khan, MD

Velandy Manohar, MD

Michael Opalak, MD

Mark R. Prete, MD

Gary J. Price, MD

Stanley J. Stutz, MD

Peter Tortora, MD

Theodore Zanker, MD

CSMS Staff Liaison

Michelle Ferguson

Updated April 2018





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