Ethics Committee

The CSMS Ethics Committee is an advisory committee that studies and makes recommendations on medical ethical issues that are of immediate or long-term concern to the medical profession. The Ethics Committee makes recommendations to CSMS on how to best educate and inform its members on matters of ethical concern for physicians in Connecticut.

The Committee on Ethics has no limitation on number of members. This committee’s charge will not include creating policy for CSMS, but will provide a forum for physicians to discuss these weighty matters.

Committee Chair

William A. Handelman, MD

Committee Members

Nabil Atweh, MD

Harold E. Beam, MD

Richard D. Carleton, MD

H. David Crombie, MD

Michael M. Deren, MD

Leonard Flom, MD

John B. Franklin, MD

G. Davis Gammon, MD

Douglas W. Gibson, MD

David J. Hass, MD

John Huang, MD

Karen Hutchinson, MD

Henry E. Jacobs, MD, JD

Stanley J. Keating, Jr., MD

Kathleen A. LaVorgna, MD

Velandy Manohar, MD

Chandra N. Narayanan, MD

Beatriz R. Olson, MD

Gary J. Price, MD

Jeffrey B. Steckler, MD

Bollepari Subbarao, MD

Steven C. Thornquist, MD

Steven Wolfson, MD Vice Chair

No limit on membership

CSMS Staff Liaison

Layne Gakos, JD

Updated  October 2017


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