Committee on Ethical and Judicial Affairs

The Committee on Ethical and Judicial Affairs is responsible for hearing and deciding on all questions of conduct of CSMS members, on which an appeal is taken from a component society. The Committee is also responsible for studying and rendering opinions on items referred to it, or ethical items taken up on its own initiative.

Committee Chair

William A. Petit, Jr., MD

Committee Members

Deborah Desir, MD

Douglas Gerard, MD

Jeffrey Gordon, MD

Henry Jacobs, MD, JD

Kathleen LaVorgna, MD

Emily Nolfo, MD

Mahmoud (“Max”) Okasha, MD

Laureen F. Rubino, MD

Gregory Shangold, MD

Ian S. Tucker, MD

One vacancy

12 members – 10+ years as a CSMS member

CSMS Staff Liaison

Layne Gakos, JD

Updated October 2017





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