Workers’ Compensation Committee

The CSMS Workers’ Compensation Committee Chair is a member of the State of Connecticut Workers Compensation Commission Medical Advisory Committee. During his tenure on the Medical Advisory Committee, current CSMS Chair Dr. Michael Saffir has helped to develop current attorney-physician guidelines, insurance-payer-physician guidelines, treatment guidelines, and an RVU-based fee schedule.

The Committee on Workers’ Compensation shall consist of not more than seventeen (17) members. The function of the committee shall be to meet on a routine basis for the purpose of advising the Worker’s Compensation Commission on issues of medical policy and procedures related to the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation system.

Committee Chair

Michael Saffir, MD

Committee Members

Richard Bernstein, MD

Michael P. Connair, MD

Terrence K. Donahue, MD

Eric D. Grahling, MD

Edward P. Hargus, MD

Mayer J. Hasbani, MD, PhD

Charles B. Kime, MD

Dennis M. Ogiela, MD

Camille G. Salame, MD, MS

Jeffrey C. Salomon, MD

Jeffrey Steckler, MD

CSMS Staff Liaison

Ken Ferrucci

Updated December 2019



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