CSMS Testimony on Health Care Related Legislation

2018 Legislative Successes – Click here

The following bills were not voted on during the 2018 legislative session, but CSMS provided support/argument for them.  We will continue to advocate for you, your practice and your patients as bills are presented.

SENATE BILL 164 An Act Raising the Legal Age to Purchase Tobacco to Twenty One and HOUSE BILL 5293 An Act Concerning the Sale of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Vapor Products – Prohibits sale of tobacco products to those under 21 and requires face to face sale of nicotine containing vape products.

SENATE BILL 401 – An Act Concerning the Use of AED – Clarifies immunity of AED use by physicians.

SENATE BILL 171 An Act Concerning Doctor Of Physical Therapy Designation

HOUSE BILL 5207 An Act Expanding Health Insurance Products

HOUSE BILL 5217 An Act Concerning Student Athletes with Symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

HOUSE BILL 5295 An Act Concerning the Certification of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives 

HOUSE BILL 5378 An Act Concerning Affirmative Attestations by Specialists Regarding Prescription Drugs

HOUSE BILL 5380 An Act Concerning Clinical Peer Review Performed for Purposes of a Utilization Review

HOUSE BILL 5382 An Act Concerning Continuity of Care and Network Adequacy

HOUSE BILL5383 An Act Concerning Disputed Between Health Carriers and Participating Providers that are Hospitals

SENATE BILL 219 An Act Concerning Indoor Tanning Use for Those Under 18

SENATE BILL 377 An Act Authorizing Agency Captive Insurance Companies

SENATE BILL 383 An Act Concerning Alternative Treatment Coverage

SENATE BILL 384 An Act Concerning Mental Health Parity

HOUSE BILL 5214 – An Act Allowing Medical Assistants to Administer Vaccines and Nebulizer Treatments  – Allows MAs to administer vaccines and nebulizers to patients over 18 years old.

SENATE BILL 172 An Act Concerning Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder in Correctional Facilities

SENATE BILL 511 – An Act Concerning Opioids – DMHAS led work group to review overdose information and treatment efforts/access including MAT.  Increased funding for addiction treatment.

SENATE BILL 209 An Act Reducing the Time Frame For Urgent Care Adverse Determination Review Requests

SENATE BILL 380 – An Act Requiring Coverage of a Drug During Adverse Determination Review and Ext Review Processes

HOUSE BILL-5417 – An Act Concerning End-of-Life Care – Successfully lobbied against physician assisted suicide.

SENATE BILL 306 An Act Concerning the Approval of Podiatrists to Perform Standard Ankle Surgical Procedures – 

SENATE BILL 464 – An Act to Establish a Working Group to Enhance Physician Recruitment in CT 

SENATE BILL 379 – An Act Limiting Changes to Health Insurers’ Prescription Drug Formularties. Read our testimony here

SENATE BILL 208 – An Act Concerning Health Insurance Coverage of Orally and Intravenously Administered Medications.  Read our testimony here.

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