2016 Session

May 16, 2016Special Budget Session; CSMS Legislative Presentation; AMA President’s Opioid Letter

May 9, 2016Breast Tomosynthesis; Regular Session Wrap-Up

May 2, 2016Network Adequacy; Non-Compete Clauses, Medical Foundations; Loss of Consortium; Naturopaths; Opioid Prescribing; Breast Tomosynthesis; Medical Assistants

April 25, 2016Opioid Bill Update; Senate Vote on SB 247; Pharma Forum

April 18, 2016Last Push on SB 247; HAVEN Funding Questions; Pharma Forum

April 11, 2016National Opioid Legislation, Insurance Mergers

April 4, 2016 State Budget, Liability Bills, Naturopaths

March 28, 2016 Physician Action on SB 247, Opioid Prescribing, Public Health Bills, Insurance Mergers

March 21, 2016Judiciary Hearing, Insurance Bills, Session Process

March 14, 2016 – ASC Tax Phaseout, Network Transparency, 7 Weeks to Go

March 7, 2016 Public Health Testimony; ASC Tax; PhyDay Roundup

February 29, 2016PhyDay Reminders; Judiciary & Public Health Testimony; New Certificate of Need Task Force

February 22, 2016 DCP Commissioner as PhyDay Keynote; Insurance & Public Health Testimony; FAIR Health webinar

February 16, 2016 National Attention for CT Opioid Efforts; Public Health Testimony; Insurance Committee; Physicians’ Day

February 8, 2016 CGA Session Underway; Budget Summary; 3/3 – Don’t Miss Out

February 1, 2016CGA Session Begins; Black Bags & House Calls, 2.0; Physicians’ Day at the Capitol



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