CSMS Public Health Advocacy

CSMS and its member physicians have taken the lead on many initiatives to promote the public health of Connecticut citizens. Standing up for patient interests as well as physicians, recent CSMS public health advocacy issues include:

  • Concussion/Return to Play legislation – Ensuring that all organized youth programs meet Connecticut’s “return to play” statute.
  • Partnership with the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV) to strengthen laws protecting victims of domestic violence in our state.
  • Stronger “truth in advertising” and other laws that require disclosure of accurate information about a healthcare provider’s abilities.
  • Seeking a standard definition of surgery – current state statute refers to surgery, yet does not define it.
  • Regulation of “medical spas” – protecting patients by ensuring that these facilities’ services are safe, properly structured and appropriately supervised.
  • Investigating the need to formally define “urgent care facility” vs. “walk in clinic,” and delineating those facilities’ functions.


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