Emergency Preparedness

The Connecticut State Medical Society has been providing physicians with preparedness information for decades.

Today, CSMS continues to serve as a preparedness resource for Connecticut physicians.

ASPR TRACIE can help!

  •  Select Hurricane-Related Resources Page, where you can access resources on mold remediation, patient evacuation, and potential public health and medical implications associated with hurricanes and flooding.
  • Major Earthquakes & Cascading Events: Potential Health and Medical Implications document, which provides an overview of the potential significant health and medical response and recovery needs facing areas affected by a major earthquake (with or without additional cascading events). Human-caused incidents don’t take a summer break, either. Recent cyber-attacks on healthcare and other critical infrastructure entities (in MD, OR, and in between) call for healthcare facilities to be extra vigilant.
  • Cybersecurity Topic Collection can help you guard against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from cyber threats, ensuring patient safety and operational continuity.

Emergency Preparedness for Physicians: From Guidelines to the Front Line (CDC webinar)

Hurricane Season Public Health Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Guidance for Health Care Providers, Response and Recovery Workers, and Affected Communities  September 2017

A Toolkit for Disaster Preparedness & Response Information (WADEM-NLM webinar)

Disaster-Specific Resources for Health Professionals (HHS ASPR)

Connecticut Medicine Article: Disaster Preparedness, January 2018

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Physician Preparedness Resources


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