Legal Resources

The CSMS Legal Resource Center provides legal education and guidance for our members. We anticipate that 2014 will be a challenging legal year for Connecticut physicians, particularly in these areas:

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • ICD-10 Transition
  • Antitrust
  • Physician Payment Sunshine Act
  • Transition to Employed Physician Models
  • Maintenance of Autonomy



Layne Gakos, JD (Ext. 129)
General Counsel

Please note: CSMS strives to educate and guide our members on general legal issues. In certain cases, CSMS may not be able to provide assistance; should this occur, CSMS General Counsel will gladly refer you to an outside attorney. No communications, either written or verbal, made by Attorney Gakos or through the CSMS Legal Resource Center, are to be construed as formal legal advice. Physicians are always encouraged to consult outside counsel if they have specific questions or concerns.


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