Summer 2016

  • The Pre-Participation Physical Examination – Sonja Vindheim, DO and Michael Lee, MD
  • Early Sports Specialization: Concerns with Overuse Injuries in Adolescent and Young Adult Athletes – Carl Nissen, MD
  • Spotlight on Diagnostic Imaging – Michael Medvecky, MD
  • Editor’s Column – Michael Medvecky, MD

Spring 2016

  • Skateboarding Knowledge and Injury Prevention – Amit Lahav, MD
  • Spotlight on Diagnostic Imaging: MRI
  • Physical Examination of Medial Collateral Ligament Injuries of the Knee – Michael Medvecky, MD
  • Editor’s Column – Michael Medvecky, MD

Winter 2014

  • Things You Need to Know About PA 14-66: An Act Concerning Youth Athletics and Concussions – Thomas Trojian, MD and David Wang, MD
  • Where’s the AED? – Jonathan Greenwald, MD
  • Editor’s Column – Carl W. Nissen, MD

Spring 2014

  • Acromioclavicular Injuries – Daniel M. Veltri, MD
  • Kinesiophobia After ACL Reconstruction Surgery – Michael Medvecky, MD
  • Editor’s Column – Carl W. Nissen, MD

Autumn 2013

  • Unique Hip Problems and the Pediatric Athlete: Injuries You Don’t Want to Miss – Kristan Pierz, MD
  • Growth Plate Injuries in the Young Individual – Amit Lahav, MD
  • Athletes with Hypertension – Stu Steinman, MD
  • Coaches, Parents Should be Aware of Sports-Related Concussion Signs & Symptoms – Governor Malloy and Attorney General Jepsen
  • Editor’s Column – Carl W. Nissen, MD

Summer 2013

  • Shoulder Instability in Adolescent Athletes – Matthew D. Milewski, MD & Carl W. Nissen, MD
  • Writing the Exercise Prescription – Alisa H. Darling, MD
  • Editor’s Column – Carl W. Nissen, MD

Spring 2013

  • Entitled: The 40th Anniversary of Title IX – Robert S. Waskowitz, MD
  • Sports Hygiene: Soap, Water and Common Sense – Thomas G. Ward, MD
  • Medical Release for Wrestlers to Participate with Skin Lesions – NFSHSA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee
  • Editor’s Column – Carl W. Nissen, MD

Winter 2013

  • Concussions: What Is Overlapping Concussion Syndrome?
  • Exercise Prescription in Adolescents with Congenital Heart Disease
  • Ocular Injury in Sport: Incidence, Etiology, Treatment and Prevention
  • Editor’s Column

Summer 2012

  • Injuries in Youth and Adolescent Baseball: The Trend Continues
  • Initial, On-Field Evaluation of the Multi-Ligament Injured Knee
  • So Your Patient-Athlete is Off to College …
  • Editor’s Column

Winter 2012

  • Balance Testing: Is it useful for predicting injury rates?
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence in the Female Athlete
  • Exercise-induced Asthma? Or not?
  • Editor’s Column

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